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Smartpass Smartpass Amplifier:
An exclusive technology offered by ANTOP, balances reception range.


4G LTE Blocks  all 3G and 4G signals from mobile phones,tablets, wireless networks or mobile phone transmitters to ensure your noise-free digital TV reception.


ANTOP combines aesthetically pleasing product designs suitable to match a wide range of home décor styles and the latest technology to make antennas that not only provide you with crystal clear HDTV reception but that look good, too.


Each ANTOP product is supported by a dedicated team of product engineers. From initial concepts to final testing, the ANTOP international (US/China/Europe) engineering team controls all the variables in the development process cycle to ensure you receive the highest quality products.
In an environmentally friendly, state-of -the-art manufacturing environment ANTOP production specialists strictly adhere to ISO Quality Control Systems and honor CE, GS, RoHS, R&TTE, FCC and UL certificates, which ensures that the product you purchase will perform as expected.
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